Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I Love Money!

No, that isn't a statement declaring any inherent greed on my part. I Love Money! is the name of a new reality show that debuted this week on VH-1.

The concept of the show is pretty straight forward. Take seventeen former contestants on four VH-1 reality shows, take them down to Mexico, and have them compete for a $250,000 prize. Of course, there will be drama, romance, alliances built and crumbled, and lots of trash-talk and back-stabbing. Perfect, mindless summer viewing.

From Flavor of Love and Charm School comes Hoops, Nibblz, Pumpkin and Toastee. From I Love New York comes Chance, Real, White-Boy, Midget Mac, Entertainer, 12-Pack, Mr. Boston and another dude whose name I can't recall (why did Flav and New York have to give these folks such funky nicknames?). From Rock of Love seasons 1 and 2 comes Heather, Destiny, Brandi C., Rodeo and Megan.

Sure, this isn't emmy award winning television. Heck, it is more in line with Jerry Springer than anything else. But it is interesting to me to see what people will do for fame and fortune, and just how low-down they'll stoop for either. Let the games begin!

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