Friday, July 4, 2008

Comics of the Week (7/2/08)

All-New Atom #25 - well, the final issue comes with a whimper. I was excited when last issue ended with Ray Palmer arriving, but this issue was just a let-down. The way this book has slid in quality since Gail Simone left writing it, the cancellation actually was more like an act of mercy. With his title gone, I give Ryan Choi's Atom about a year before he either is killed off or fades into obscurity.

Trinity #5 (of 52) - another week and another good comic. The battle with Konvict comes to an end, but the mystery is just beginning. And the back-up tale is about to collide with the lead tale. Extra bonus: the appearance of three classic villains in the back-up story - two of whom I used quite a lot in fanfiction I did for a DC Comics writing group a few years back. Who doesn't love Throttle and Blindside? Kudos to Busiek and Nicieza for bringing them back briefly.

Rann-Thanagar Holy War #3 (of 8) - once again Jim Starlin and Ron Lim deliver a gorgeous epic that jumps for cosmic locale to cosmic locale with great ease. The cast is large and varied, and it is just a rip-roaring adventure. I'm loving it. If you are a fan of costumed adventurers in outer space, you really need to check this one out. If you are bigger fan of DC's cosmic heroes, you'll love it even more.

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