Saturday, July 12, 2008

Comics of the Week (7/10/08) part 2

Trinity #6 - Tarot consults the cards and finds a startling pattern. The trio of heroes discuss the recent events, and in the back-up Hawkman teams up with Gangbuster. The issue definitely felt like an interlude, but in a weekly book an interlude issue is fine enough. As we get closer to the second month ending, the book still has solid quality. We'll see if it can make it last the entire run.

Booster Gold #1000000 - once again, the creative team ties in Booster with past comic events from the 90's seemlessly. This issue is actually the twelth in the run, thus ending the first publishing year, and it ties up the second story arc nicely. The ending is a surprise on a couple of points, and once again we get four teaser panels from the coming year in the title. Definitely one of my favorite monthly books on the market today.

Final Crisis - Requiem - this one-shot special celebrates the life of the Martian Manhunter. We get more details of his final fight, which was so woefully glossed over in Final Crisis #1. This issue shows he went out fighting, as it should have been. We also see how much respect he earned in his life in the heroic community. A must-have issue for any true DC fan.

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