Monday, July 14, 2008

Bad Business

Bad Business, written in 2004, is the 31st Spenser novel by author Robert B. Parker. The Boston private eye is approached by the wife of an executive at Kinergy, a company that sells energy, to investigate her husband to confirm he is cheating on her. She wants to have evidence to use against him in a divorce. Only a day on the job, Spenser finds that other people are tailing others involved so he gets them to compare notes. Soon he uncovers a bizarre secret life of the corporation members and that investigation leads to murder.

Parker again goes to the well of the usual motives for murder: sex and money. This story combines them both, in some very interesting twists. The story moves pretty quickly. I polished off this 309 page book in two days over the weekend. I definitely wasn't bored with it.

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