Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Who You Gonna Call?

I opened our mailbox today and there was a copy of the newest issue of GameInformer magazine. On the cover, large and in charg, was that old familiar red and white iconic logo. Yup, that's the one - Ghostbusters!

Seeing that logo instantly took me back to 1984. Ray Parker Jr.'s theme song instantly jumped into my head (I can't tell you how many times I danced to that at parties and such in college).

Of course, there's the films, both very quotable. ("When someone asks you if you're a god, you say yes!", "I've been slimed!", "I am the Keymaster."). They were a nice mix of comedy, action and just plain fun. The characters are iconic - anyone on the street can recognize pictures of the guys in the brown jumpsuits with proton packs on their backs.

And I remember the Activision game for my Commodore 64 computer. Even with the limited graphics and sound capabilities (compared to today), the game captured the look, feel and sounds of the films perfectly. Spent many hours playing that game in college.

And I had a painted T-shirt, custom made for me by hand by my good friend Kathy, with the logo on it - big and bold. I wore that thing out over the years. Sure, I was a bit of a geek with it but I didn't mind. It was a wonderful gift from a wonderful friend, and I was proud of it.

So, it looks like the Ghostbusters are coming back to all the video game platforms in 2008. The previews look good. The actors are all back for voice-overs. Harold Ramis is even heavily involved with the writing of the game's storyline. If anything, this is like the third film that fans have always wanted but aren't likely to ever get - not in live action format.

Who you gonna call? ... I can't hear you! ...

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