Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Morning Routine

Anyone who knows me knows I'm pretty much a creature of habit. Order and routine are the norm which I don't often variate from. In the first twenty minutes of any given day after I awake, here's the order of things:

- bathroom
- take my morning aspirin (for my heart)
- put on clothes
- wake the dogs and take them for a walk
- take my daily TriCor pill
- make my lunch for work (if Monday through Friday)
- feed the dogs
- feed the tortoise

Only after that do I hit the computer to check email, message boards, post in my blog, etc.

I'm like the military, I do a lot in the first twenty minutes of my day. ;)


apachedug said...

That sure is a busy 20 minutes--so I'm guessing the first thing (the bathroom) isn't including the shower n' shave yet?! :)

Martin said...

Doug, nope. The shower and shave come after the email and before my breakfast.