Monday, November 5, 2007

Comics of the Week (10/31/07) - part 2

Rounding out the rest of this week's huge haul of good reading from the comic shop, here is the second batch which features the shorter mini-series and one-shots.

DC Infinite Halloween Special - this book has thirteen tales of horror and suspense to celebrate the holiday. With a book such as this, with various writers and artists, you can end up with some hit-and-miss results. For the most part, this book was more of a miss for me. A lot of the art was very stylistic and scratchy. The stories are told from the perspective of the villains from Arkham Asylum (Joker, Riddler, Poison Ivy, etc.) so they tend to be more dark and the heroes less heroic. I did enjoy the tale about Blue Devil though.

Countdown to Adventure #3 - The lead tale focus on the plague hitting Earth and Rannagar, a plague that one of the space heroes picked up when facing Lady Styx during 52. The backup heats up with Forerunner encountering a world of magic heroes.

Countdown to Mystery #2 - the new Dr. Fate muddles his way through his first fight. It was a good example of how a neophyte must learn their way with their powers, and it is done in Steve Gerber's stylistic form of writing. The backup story with Eclipso continues to grow its cast, with appearances by Darkseid, Plastic Man, the Spectre and it looks like the Creeper.

Death of the New Gods #2 - Another solid issue by Jim Starlin. The story and the art are moving along nicely. Definitely a mini-series that fans should not be missing.

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