Sunday, November 4, 2007

Comics of the Week (10/31/07) - part 1

Lots of good reading came from the comic shop this week. So much so that I felt it best to break it up into two editions to the blog. Here's the first grouping - with regular ongoing titles.

Countdown to Final Crisis #26 - With this issue, the weekly title crosses the halfway point - and changes it's title a bit too boot. Now it is clear that the countdown is leading to something major, and this issue gives a nice narrative recap of things. However, it isn't a fast read. In fact, it is quite wordy which is a nice change of pace. And behind those words are some wonderful art that moves a lot of the subplots silently along. Definitely a solid issue.

Teen Titans Go! #48 - this nice done-in-one tale of the animated heroes deals with Killowatt and the attempt to send him back to his homeworld. However, something goes amiss and he ends up in a "Mirror-Mirror" sort of world (that reference for all my Trek friends). The Titans here are tyrants (with some mega-red glowing eyes so you know they're evil). An enjoyable read with nice artwork by Todd Nauck (if I can't get any more of his solo Wildguard title, at least I am happy he is still doing work here).

Action Comics #858 - I gave up regularly getting the Superman titles a few years back. However, I will drop back in for certain story arcs that interest me. This one definitely does! Geoff Johns is attempting to reconcile once more Superman's past connections with the 31st Century's Legion of Super-Heroes. And for those readers as old I am, this is very much the Legion we grew up with - or very close to them. I am happy to see them back in whatever capacity possible. I'm not a huge fan of Gary Frank's artwork (some of his females' had very plastic looking faces in this issue) but his attention to detail on fabrics and such is quite good.

Justice Society of America #10 - this issue is part one of the "Thy Kingdom Come" storyline, which brings the regular DCU and the cast from the Kingom Come mini-series into direct contact. The cover and some of the interior pages even feature work by Alex Ross, the artist on that famed min-series. The story definitely looks to be a fun one, and once again Geoff Johns is at the top of his writing game here.

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