Monday, November 19, 2007

Polished Armor

With everything going on of late, I forgot to review an acquisition that arrived the last week of October. Ironically, given the news I talked about yesterday, this review is a bitter sweet one. The Invicible Iron Man: the Complete Collection DVD-ROM, it turns out, is the last of the huge runs that GIT Corp is putting out. What a way to go.

Iron Man is actually billionaire industrialist Tony Stark who created a fantastic suit of armor in part to help with his weak heart. He ends up becoming a hero, using his brains and inventive skills to come up with a wonderous arsenal of weapons to fight evil. Along the way he fights the likes of the Mandarin, the Titanium Man, the Melter, the Living Lazer and many many more.

As a kid, I mostly knew Iron Man from the cartoons and his appearances as a member of the Avengers. I never got into his solo book much. I think part of that was due to poor distribution of the title on the local newsstands. So, a lot of this collection is new to me, so I look forward to diving headlong into it. Lots of good reading of storylines I've heard about for years (like Tony's wrestling with alcoholism, the replacement years with Jim Rhodes, the Armor Wars and more).

If you're an Iron Man fan, like my good buddy Tim Watts is (shout out! "Typhoooooon!"), you can't miss this one. Nothing like over 500 issues of Iron Man on a single disk for less that $50. And, you better snag them fast. GIT has said that they can produce any more of this or any of their other Marvel sets - so once supplies run out they are gone forever!

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