Friday, November 9, 2007

Comics of the Week (11/07/07)

After last week's avalanche of books, we're back to a lighter week. Here's what I picked up:

Countdown to Final Crisis #25 - After last week's solid issue, this week was back to so-so land. I think it was the artwork. It seemed very rushed to me. It was nice to see the storyline focusing, however, on Karate Kid. Also, it wasn't lost on me the point that all roads are leading to Apokolips (three of the plotlines ran that direction this week).

Justice League Unlimited #39 - a fun issue featuring the great detectives - Batman, Elongated Man and...Detective Chimp??? Very fun read from the animated universe. I know these books are more targetted to kid readers, but even those of us that are still a kid at heart can enjoy them. It wasn't predictable either so that means the writer isn't "dumbing it down".

the All-New Atom # 17 - Gail Simone is back to writing, and she's bringing along the elements of the Wonder Woman book which she is now writing as well. That's a good thing. The interaction between the Atom and the amazon were fun, as were his interactions with Giganta. The art was appropriately pin-up in style without being overtly trashy. Definitely a fun read. And, lots more bizarre happenings in Ivy Town (this place makes the town of Twin Peaks look like Hooterville).

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