Sunday, February 19, 2023

Book Review: The Tyrant Skies

Victor Von Doom has many enemies, but he has a special loathing for the Red Skull. When the Red Skull creates a flying haven for the billionaire elite who share his deplorable values, Doom prepares himself for the worst. When Latveria is beset by a rash of terrorist attacks, his suspicions are confirmed: the Red Skull is coming for Doom’s homeland. Now he must infiltrate the shielded microstate drifting in the skies above Latveria to save his people from annihilation. But finding a way on board the floating city is just the first in a series of trials that will test Doctor Doom to the limits of his beliefs, his strength and his powers.

The Tyrant Skies by David Annandale will be released on April 4, 2023. Aconyte Books provided an early galley for review.

Annandale continues his run in the Marvel Untold line with another story about everyone's favorite evil dictator. The author really connects with Dr. Doom in a way that resonates. And what situation he puts Doom into during the second part of the book is something I found very intriguing and different.

What also really excited me about this one was the cover by Fabio Listrani. The image of the two villains squaring off reminds me of Marvel's Super-Villain Team-Up comic from the 1970's where the two crossed swords over several issues. Annandale has done his homework as this novel feels like a natural extension of that long-established rivalry. Annandale's own notes in the Acknowledgments section at the end of the book further cemented those same first impressions I got. I appreciated his siting of his inspirations for his Doom book trilogy.

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