Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Book Review: Silver Sable - Payback

Doctor Victor von Doom holds Symkaria in his despotic grip, selling its treasures to pay off the country’s exorbitant debt. Yet patriotic heroine Silver Sable desires its freedom. Doom doesn’t do favors, so he offers her a deal: track down the Clairvoyant – a device for seeing the future – and he’ll erase her homeland’s deficit. Sable soon discovers she can’t outwit someone who can predict her every move. She needs the help of someone wild and unpredictable. Someone like Black Cat… Together they must chase down the Clairvoyant’s creator, pull off the ultimate Vegas heist, survive backstabbing exes, and outsmart one of the most powerful people on the planet. All they need now is a little bit of luck.

Silver Sable: Payback by Cath Lauria will be released on March 21, 2023. Aconyte Books provided an early galley for review.

Lauria is no stranger to Marvel fiction; she has previously written two other tales for Aconyte's Marvel Heroines line - one with Elsa Bloodstone and one with Black Cat. Given how much I enjoyed her work on both of those, I was confident that she would deliver again on this one. I was not disappointed at all.

I remember when Silver Sable made her debut in the comics in the mid-80's. She started out as a supporting character, popping up in Spider-Man titles before eventually branching out into her own stories. While familiar with her, this novel really helped me to get to know her and her team a bit better. Lauria balances the personal interactions with the action very well.

As she did before, Lauria takes advantage of the larger Marvel catalog by including a number of cool guest appearances by both heroes and villains. She also manages to tie in to her earlier Black Cat novel from 2022 as that is a character she very much appears to enjoy writing. This story leaves open a few plot threads that I would not be surprised to see picked up in future novels.

I also want to add some praise to Bastien Jez for the very attractive cover. The red background is the perfect contrast to his gorgeous shimmering image of the book's star.

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