Sunday, May 24, 2009

DVD review - Buffy season 4/Angel season 1 episodes 17

Continuing with my viewing and reviewing of season 4 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and season 1 of Angel...


B4-17: Superstar

Synopsis: Buffys uspects reality has somehow been altered after an unpopular former Sunnydale High student named Jonathan becomes the coolest and most popular person in town. (written by Jane Espenson, airdate 4/4/00)

Interesting how all of Sunnydale (including the opening credits) was infected by the Jonathan-mania after our favorite high-school-extra dabbled in an augmentation spell. Nice touch. I was okay with this filler episode because it really kept all the rest of the subplots going (Willow/Tara, Buffy/Riley, Adam, etc.) while taking this week-off tangent. Some good moments too - like Anya going on about shrimp (and making a prawn joke), Giles having a Jonathan calendar hidden under the desk blotter, etc. A serviceable episode but I am ready to get back into the full blown regular stuff of the season.

A1-17: Eternity

Synopsis: A young actress seeking protection from a stalker takes a sudden personal interest in Angel after she discovers he's a vampire. (written by Tracey Stern, airdate 4/4/00)

Okay, the line "I heard Ernest Borgnine is a skilled lover" was so much more funny after that recent moment EB had on FOX and Friends that is all over You-Tube. LOL. I thought this one said a lot about aging TV stars and being stuck in a role after some time and not being able to get past it because you got older. I like how Rebecca decides to use the information about Angel being a vampire to try and help herself, only for it to go crashing back on her horribly. I always enjoy when Cordelia is thinking about how to advance her own career, even by spilling too much information about her boss (which she tends to realize, as always, that she did it a bit too late). David does play Angelus with such gusto - enjoyed that a lot. A lot of hurtful things came out of it too - but for Wesley and Cordelia, but that adds to the layer of the relationship between the three. Loved the last bit, especially when no one would unchain Angel after he reverted back to normal. Definitely the better episode of the two, for me, this time around.

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