Sunday, May 31, 2009

Comics of the Week (5/28/09)

Batman: the Brave and the Bold #5 - again, a fun comic for kids or fans of the TV cartoon (I'm the later, of course). A rather typical use of Captain Marvel in a story where the villain is after a bunch of kids and adults can't break in.

Green Lantern #41 - more of the Agent Orange arc as we learn just what the Guardians wanted in exchange for giving the Spider-Guild free reign of Vega System. Again, Johns does a great job of filling in the little pieces of missing GL history. Nice.

Justice League of America #33 - I am enjoying this new mixed line up without the big three and others who have books. A lot of focus on using the Milestone characters as well but that's to be expected since McDuffie had his hand in creating that line back in the 90's. It does make for some refreshing reading.

Justice Society of America #27 - Jerry Ordway is drawing on what he knows best - past stuff from Infinity Inc. and All-Star Squadron. This is good in that this book should draw from the rich history of the DCU every now and again. After all, this is THE legacy team book. Nice.

Teen Titans #71 - mostly this is about how a square peg like Ravager can't fit in with the team, allowing for her spin-off in her solo feature next issue. Still, the line-up is refreshingly different from previous Titans incarnations, making it something new to read. This creative team continues to grow with every issue and I am enjoying it.

Trinity #52 - the final issue with a great gatefold cover. Busiek and Bagley manage to tie-up all the loose ends with a fun narrative framing. This was a good series even if, for the most part, it may not have huge ramifications on the rest of the line overall. It was like reading weekly chapters of a grand novel that tried to celebrate as much of the DCU as it could while still focusing on the real point - the importance of the big three. If you didn't read each issue, the trades might be the way to go (certainly a bit cheaper).

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KC Ryan said...

Brave and Bold had Captain Marvel? How did I miss this?

And loved the JLA. Too bad McDuffie got fired and Len Wein is his replacement (McDuffie talked out of school, as it were).

I happen to like the Milestone characters (Inferno is in that bunch lying around) and Starbreaker must be tough if he beat up that crew. Looks like fun with the Milestone crew getting integrated into the DCU. Er, no pun intended.