Sunday, May 10, 2009

Comics of the Week (5/06/09)

the Flash: Rebirth #2 (of 5) - I'm loving seeing Barry Allen with more of a CSI feel to his police business. That's a perfect fit for the character. The mystery continues with the Speed Force, Barry's return and what impact it has on the other speedsters. Johns and Van Sciver are doing a fantastic job on bringing this character back for a whole new generation and us old time fans from the Silver Age.

Power Girl #1 - I got this new series because of the JSA tie and a long time love of the character. The issue was okay - not thrilled with the art so much. Oh, and the breast jokes need to be toned down a lot. Yes, we get it - she has huge knockers. Don't beat us over the head with it, guys. I may give this book six months to gel - if it doesn't, it is drop city.

Solomon Grundy #3 (of 7) - this issue Grundy takes on Poison Ivy. I'm continuing to enjoy Scott Kollins's take on the character, but I am glad this is only a mini. Grundy could get boring after awhile as a full time series.

Strange Adventures #3 (of 8) - this follow up by Starlin and company is okay, but not great-great. Still, it is good to see DC's space heroes active regularly and these mini's seem a good vehicle for that. Starlin is definitely a big picture guy so it might not all make sense until we get closer to the end.

Trinity #49 (of 52) - okay, more battle with Krona but the end is a doozie. Trying to figure how Busiek and Bagley will resolve this one with three more issues to go. Looking forward to it ending in three weeks.

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