Sunday, May 3, 2009

Comics of the Week (4/29/09)

Legion of 3 Worlds #4 (of 5) - after many long months we get the next chapter of this Johns/Perez epic. Well worth the wait. Last issue we got the return of a certain young speedster. Well, the surprises aren't over yet! Another hero returns this issue and we learn a startingly truth about an old time LSH foe. Lots of action, lots of character moments, lots of fun. Can't wait for the final issue. I know it will be good.

Green Lantern #40 - the second part of the Agent Orange arc continues as we learn more about this new branch of ring-wearers. All of this is building up to this summer's huge event - Blackest Night! Very enjoyable title, even if the monthly book tends to come out every six or so weeks. This huge epic should pay of nicely.

Justice Society of America #26 - Geoff Johns bids the JSA goodbye in this final issue of his run. It does not go out with a loud bang but, rather, with a nice character driven story about Stargirl and coming of age. Given that he created the character many years back, it is nice for him to focus on her in his final (for now) JSA script. Lots of great character moments here. And the three-part cover is nice too (I got the one with GL, Flash and Stargirl - among others - on it).

Teen Titans #70 - this issue is the third part of the "Deathtrap" crossover running through this title, Titans and the new Vigilante title. Not reading the other too, I felt a little lost with this one. In the past I would have been sucked in to the cross-title marketing but not now. I'm older and wiser. I'd rather be lost for one issue then to spend money on four more issues of books I don't read. Next issue should be better as we get back to normal.

Trinity #48 - this issue focuses mostly on the big battle with Krona (but it doesn't end here, that should be in the next issue or so). We're getting to the finale with, I would suspect, the 52nd issue focusing mostly as an epilogue of sorts. It has been a big ride, lots of characters, lots of action, lots of fun. It has been nice to read a weekly title again, but I am looking forward to the break over the summer (I'm not getting Wednesday Comics as the creative teams and titles in it don't thrill me too much).

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KC Ryan said...

Yes, yes yes - I loved Legion of 3 Worlds! Jst wished it had been out a little sooner but - MAN! What a great issue! Looks like this is the book that we were expecting - and more!
I also got the Stargirl cover for JSA - liked that story, all right!