Monday, April 13, 2009

DVD review - Buffy season 3, episode 6

Continuing with my reviews of Buffy season 3....

*** SPOILERS ***

Episode 6: Band Candy

Synopsis: Sunnydale's adult population begins acting like immature teenagers after eating candy bars being sold to finance new high school band uniforms. (written by Jane Espenson, airdate 11/10/98)

Given that my son, a band member himself, is in the middle of a band candy sale right now, this was a very timely and fun episode. So many great parts - like Snyder forcing Buffy and the gang to sell candy even though they aren't in the band, like Trick doing his first assignment for the Mayor - causing chaos with the help of returning Ethan Raines to cover the true motive which is getting tribute for a demon that the Mayor provides to "keep Sunnydale safe", like Buffy lying to both her mother and Giles so she can be with Angel only for the two of them to catch her as she uses each as an excuse to another, like Willow and Xander playing footsie under the desk while carrying on a seemingly innocent conversation. Then there is the whole "what would they have been like as teens" of Joyce, Giles and Snyder. All very insightful looks into these three characters as they behave like youth gone wild. Lots of laugh out loud moments including Xander's gem "I don't get while they're acting all immature - I ate a ton of candy and I saw no change in behavior...oh, right, nevermind."

All in all, an awesomely fun episode. Buffy gets to battle briefly with Mr. Trick before having to save Giles from the demon, allowing the villain a chance to flee (as they Mayor did quite a few minutes before). In the end, an awkward moment between Giles and Joyce - did they or didn't they? I'm going with "did".


Michael O'Connell said...

Definitely in my top ten Buffy eps, probably in my top five. I loved "Band Candy"! All joy! First, the band candy thing connected with me as well - I went to a private school, and we were ALWAYS raising money for something or other. Often for the band (and I wasn't in the band either). And often it was candy. Once again the Joss gang takes a familiar high school concept and makes it eeeeeevil...but in a hilarious way this time. This was easily one of the funniest Buffy eps great comedy comes from the unexpected. And we never saw ANY of that coming! Teen Ripper! Could Anthony have had MORE fun making this ep? He was perfect! The perfect teen bad boy no teen girl can resist...especially Juice Newton-loving Joyce (LOVED Giles' look at her when she brought that name up). All that great "Yeah, whatever" attitude. Teenage Snyder!!! Yes!!! Exactly as I'd imagine him to be at that age. Loved his "I took karate at the Y" moment. Loved Buffy having to parent them all (particularly the potentially dangerous Giles). And more Ethan Rayne! Score!! Love that evil bastige! Loved the scene where Giles is trying to get Buffy to smack him around. Oh, and loved Tony's performance during the Ethan chase,, I really believed he was into it and totally badass...which made it so great when, at the end of the chase, he's winded and pissed about it....doesn't have that teen body anymore to back up his attitude.

The tribute was MEGA DISTURBING!! Watching guys in vampire makeup picking up actual babies. Damn! That was great how the reality of that focused Joyce and Giles and got them on track. Buffy/Trick fight! All-too brief. Yes...did Giles and Mom, or didn't they? We shall likely see...

Final thought - all the grown-ups at the Bronze? Priceless comedy.

Martin Maenza said...

So far this episode ranks as one of my favorites too. Lots of good stuff. Teen Ripper is a hoot as is Joyce (Juice Newton, is she serious? Bwahahaha.).