Sunday, April 19, 2009

Comics of the Week (4/08/09)

Booster Gold #19 - When the issue opens with Rip Hunter making sure Starfire's history remains as it should, you are already starting with some good stuff. I hope we see more New Teen Titans stuff in future issues. Some good character development with Booster's sister in this one. Booster talking with himself was a little crazy, but time travel allows for that kind of stuff.

Green Lantern #39 - Shifting the spectrum, we now get more about the Orange Lanterns who seem to represent greed and selfishness. Hal wrestles with the implications of the Blue Lanterns and the Guardians anger about that. Despite the lateness each month, this still remains a solid title with Johns and company expanding the mythos that has been around for almost 50 years.

Secret Six #8 - gotta love it when villains go out on a double-date, especially when some promise no killing! Gail delivered another solid issue. The "Ragdoll Dreams" bit seemed like filler and was a bit off the wall. I hope we don't see more of that anytime soon.

Solomon Grundy #2 (of 7) - for someone who grew up on the Challenge of the Super-Friends cartoons, the bringing together of Grundy with Bizarro anticipated fun times with DC's answer to "Dumb and Dumber". Instead, it was a pretty mindless slugfest. It was okay, just not great. After having Grundy pound it out against the Demon earlier in the issue, this seemed like more of the same. Couple this with Grundy/Cyllis coming to grips with his own grim death - it was just all and all pretty dark. I'm starting to think I should view this as a dark comedy of sorts.

Trinity #45 - the villains make one final attempt at the power, this time going to Krona. Betrayl ensues. Seven more issues to bring it all to a close.

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