Saturday, April 25, 2009

Comics of the Week (4/22/09)

Last month we got Power Girl previews in all issues. This month it is previews for the Last Days of Animal Man. It just seems like every issue is shorter by five pages. This might be one I have to look into.

Batman: the Brave and the Bold #4 - love the two-page team-up with Sugar and Spike. Don't get to see them that often any more - fun. The main story is a team-up with Aquaman that ties into Earth Day, which happened to fall this past week. Nice. It was a cute story - a good message for young readers.

Justice League of America #32 - the League fosters on even after Black Canary disbands it, using the headquarters and striking out on their own. Dr. Light thinks she and Firestorm can handle interrogating the Shadow Thief only to find they are in way over their heads, as Starbreaker comes a calling. Can this reduced line up face him down? We'll see.

REBELS #3 - Vril Dox once again uses manipulation to coerce others into his plan. The new Wildstar is born, a hybrid of two LSH heroes we debuted in the 70's. A nice twist. We also get the return of Strata and the Omega Men fighting. So far, so good with this series.

Trinity #46 and #47 - two weeks worth (to catch up from my vacation) and the story moved along well. The Trinity battles the villains and gets some unexpected help across the board. Then, Alfred receives a surprise message from another unexpected ally which he needs to relay to Batman in order for the heroes to triumph over Krona and his cronies. The mini is racing to its conclusion nicely.


KC Ryan said...

Thanks, martin - between your reviews and the previews and reviews on Newsrama and CBR, I feel like I kept up pretty much on Trinity without actually buying it. Maybe when it comes ot in trade.


Martin Maenza said...

I see the solicitations for the Trinity trades coming now. Looks like they will breaking it down into three volumes (Trinity) at $29.99 apiece (close to $30 with another three). $90 is certainly cheaper than what I'll have ended up paying for the story by buying it every week. Ah well.