Sunday, April 5, 2009

Comics of the Week (4/1/09)

First, what up with almost every book have four pages of previews for the new Power Girl series starting in a month or so? While I understand the push, do they have to push it in every book?

the Flash: Rebirth #1 (of 5) - wow! Now this was a packed comic book. Lots of story from Johns, lots of great art from Van Sciver. It serves as a great primer for someone not familiar with Barry Allen and even a lot of the Flash legacy, and it is a great recap for those of us that have been on board for decades. We get a good feel for how Barry has changed now that he's back, changed in a good way. My hope is at some point he can take a moment, as Hal suggested, and appreciate everything. But for now, I'm glad he's back and I know he is in good hands.

Justice Society of America #25 - Johns and Ordway bring an end to the Black Marvel Family saga, with devastating results. I'm loving the direction this book is taking, and from what I hear Ordway will be picking up both the writing and art chores in the future. It'll be kind of the like the old days of All-Star Squadron and the beginning of Infinity Inc. again - which I loved. Good reading.

Strange Adventures #2 (of 8) - things continue to get weird (and even the Weird is acting weird). No one but Adam Strange sees stars disappearing, Captain Comet is forced on the run, and Bizarro is still being persued. This easily could have been called "Mystery In Space" - maybe that's the next mini they'll let Starlin do.

Teen Titans #69 - remember all those left over heroes at the end of the Terror Titans mini series? Well, they all end up at the Titans Tower and are offered a chance to rest and join the team if they want. What follows is an issue of interactions, confrontations and general character development. In the end, the team roster has grown from four to eight which helps make the team more viable. The final pages where one of the heroes who didn't join gets into trouble leads directly into...

Teen Titans Annual 2009 - which is a prelude to a crossover event called "Deathtrap" with the regular TT title, Titans and the Vigilante title. While I liked the annual well enough, I'm not inclined to seek out other titles I don't buy. I think I'll get the general gist from the one book I do. This was really sort of the standard "divide then attempt to defeat" tale - a good primer of who's who in the new group.

Trinity #44 - the big three continue to be cold and stand-offish, despite the efforts of their friends and family. They seem to have embraced the change, concluding that their old way of doing things wasn't enough. Uh oh. Two months left in this weekly epic. Something big should be coming as the final act begins to close.

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KC Ryan said...

I enjoyed the latest JSA, too, though I am kind of disappointed that the wizard Shazam was such a jerk. Then again, look at the mess he gets left with.
THe mysterious figure in the lightning at the end of the book, plus Billy's determination to help his dad, leads me to believe this isn't over yet.