Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We Wii Fit!

Last month, my wife decided that we should get for her birthday the Wii Fit board and game. Though it was her present, we all are getting benefit out of it.

For those unfamiliar with this, basically this is a wireless exercise board that interacts with the Wii video game system. The board is able to take a person's weight as well as use shifts in footing and balance to play a variety of games and such. What kind of games? Balance games like slalom skiing, tight-rope walking, soccer ball heading and more. It allows a person to do a variety of yoga poses to help tighten muscles and increase flexibility. It also has aerobic activities like hula hooping, running in place, step aerobics, rhythm boxing (using the Wii numchuck) and more. There are also strength building exercises too. It is pretty amazing the variety that it has.

It also allows you to set goals for weight loss every two weeks or month. It keeps the data daily so you can track your progress. It keeps track of your activity and even allows you to add outside activity (I do that when I go walking some nights or when I work out at the YMCA on the weekends). And when it takes your weight, it also calculates your BMI (based on your height entered). It is really an amazing piece of equipment/software.

The best part, for me and our son, is that you really don't realize you are getting a good amount of exercise while you "play" some of the games. It is fun and it makes getting fit a joy, not a pain like it can be.

Downsides? Well, the board does tend to guilt you when you don't weigh in every day. Heck, my wife and son missed almost a week of weighing in and it kept asking me if I had seen them! LOL. It also keeps wanting to give you health tips (you don't have to listen to them). Still, as I said, it is fun for the whole family - and family that fits together gets, well, fit together. ;)


KC Ryan said...

We've had a WiiFit for about eight months now, and, well, we're occasional users. The games are all right, I guess, just nothing special.
There's actually a pretty good parody of the Wiifit I found on youtube the other day. Just drop in Wiifit and parody and there ya go.
One thing I've been rather curious about is - WHY CAN"T THEY MAKE THE THINGS? I mean, really, they announce them as coming in and then the store gets, like, two. All over town. They're still hard to find (we keep trying to get them for others!). I mean, that's crazy. At least make the darn things available, without having to go to twenty different stores or something!


Martin Maenza said...

Yeah, I don't get why they don't keep them in stock in stores. They sell well. I guess folks could by them online from places like Amazon.com, etc. - which have stuff in stock all the time. That's where I went to order my son's Christmas presents - stores were not keeping the item in stock around here.

So, you guys are occasional users, eh? I try to use it daily so I can get benefit - at the very least for weighing and tracking my BMI. I like having the history.