Saturday, November 15, 2008

Comics of the Week (11/12/08)

Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century #20 - this final issue had a lot of tribute panels to the LSH over the years, including a happy 50th anniversary in the final page. It was okay but the series never really gelled as well for me as some of the other animated line books. I do plan on replacing it in my pull list with the new animated Brave and the Bold book in a few months.

Action Comics #871 - per the corner symbol, this was part 4 of the "New Krypton" storyline. Now, I only follow Superman in this title because of writer Geoff Johns, so I have missed a few pieces. But the issue didn't confuse me too much. Basically we've got all these Kryptonians from the restored Kandor flying around, and that is going to mean trouble to be sure. Just the way they handled Doomsday was enough to show me that this could turn out a bad thing - they will need to get off Earth soon.

Trinity #24 - the storyline continues to move as the weekly title really allows them to explore the ramifications of having the trinity missing. Hopefully they'll be back in their own book soon, though spotlighting other characters has been enjoyable as well. And we finally learn what is going on with GL John Stewart.

Kingdom Come Special - Superman - this one-shot continues the story line from the JSA book, as Alex Ross writes and illustrates this spotlight on the Superman from the KC Earth. It does help flesh out some elements from the original Kingdom Come mini series, and the added notes in the back of the book are a nice look into the creative process in making the book.

Booster Gold #14 - part two of the Starro storyline concludes with lots of action, lots of mystery and lots of setting up for future stories. The Lady Chronos from the recent Atom series shows up and looks to be a part of the book down the road. That should add some tension to future issues. The rest of the story uses the time-travel elements of the series nicely as Booster and Skeets try to fix the trouble caused last issue when Starro took over the Earth. I'm very psyched for next issue as Dan Jurgens will be back as writer/artist full-time and we have an appearance by the Elongated Man (yeah, he's dead in present time, but with a time-travel book we can see him in his prime in action again, always a good thing).

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