Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Comics of the Week (11/26/08)

Reign In Hell #5 (of 8) - This mini is starting to bore me. It seems a lot of groups running around, encountering one another, but getting us no closer to a conclusion. I'm very disappointed - and am thinking I might drop it now and save the money from the last three issues. I have no interest in how it ends, the worst thing a mini series can do for a reader.

Trinity #26 - ugh, another slow issue here too. What is going on? Is it something in the air? Am I just tired? Get Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman back in this book - please!

Teen Titans $65 - Wonder Girl faces off against Lycus, while the rest of the team takes on the giant hellhound. I did like the way this issue moved and how Wonder Girl has grown into a better character because of this challenge. That's what a book should do - help the characters grow.

Justice Society of America - Kingdom Come Special: the Kingdom - another nice chapter from the creative team. Not only do we get close to the final events of this Gog storyline, but we also get a great focus on the character of Damage. Geoff Johns really plays off the characters well and provide changes that make sense. Again, good writing. The art is outstanding too. I cannot wait for the final two chapters of this storyline.


KC Ryan said...

Yeah, Magog there in the final panel? Utterly cool.

"Worship me."

Uh, do we... want to do that?

Very cool stroy, although it is taking a bit long to get anywhere and the JSA hasn't actually fought a villain in months.


TBC Web Site Guy said...

Hey Martin! Do you still have that AOL address? (I'm not going to post it here.)

Martin Maenza said...

Yup, I am at that same AOL mailing address.