Thursday, November 6, 2008

Comics of the Week (11/05/08)

Final Crisis:Resist - this one-shot focuses on the Checkmate organization (and in particular, Mr. Terrific, Snapper Carr and the Cheetah) as they try to deal with the spread of the Antilife Equation on the Earth's population. This was on okay issue that focused more tightly than Final Crisis has itself in its main book on specifics. That was good. But the story spins right back into the fifth issue of the main mini-series at the end, so we don't get a truly standalone story.

Terror Titans #2 (of 6) - this mini is a good read so far with good artwork. I like the further exploration of the fight club angle, however the book loses a couple points overall. Here's why: in the recent DC Nation columns they made a point to focus on this mini and the fight brackets. What did they do in the second issue of six? They pretty much handled the first round of brackets with two panel fights for each matching. That's cheap. I wanted to see much more, especially when we have characters we know nothing about like TNTeena and Hardrock.

Trinity #23 - the waves of rememberance continue to ripple across the altered reality as more and more folks figure something isn't quite right. I am hoping the book starts to pick up the pace as each week lately seems more like a mirror image of the last. I'd like to see things start to escalate and build again as we're nearing the halfway point.

Justice Society of America #20 - I loved the meeting of the JSA with the Earth-Two heroes, even if it was to fight. The Alex Ross cover was, as always, gorgeous. One big complaint: again, not enough time devoted to this. This could have easily been a two issue event. Hopefully this isn't the last we'll be seeing of the Earth-Two heroes.

Secret Six #3 - another solid issue from Gail Simone and company. They continue to move the plot while adding some great characterization of all the villains involved. We get a lot more about the mysterious "Junior", including another violent act so casually executed. Not sure what is up with Bane being so protective of Scandal. That makes for an interesting side point. And the final revelation of what this card is was a great payoff (no wonder everyone wants to get their hands on it!!!). This is another monthly books, like Booster Gold, that I cannot wait to read each month. Definitely one of my top five favorites going at this time, and that says a lot after just three issues being out. When the creative team has a passion for the book that shines through, the readers notice it.

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