Monday, June 30, 2008

Waitress (2007)

It was chick-flick Sunday night at our house. CinemaxHD has on the 2007 film Waitress starring Keri Russell, Nathan Fillion and Andy Griffith. My wife is a Russell fan from the days of Felicity, and I'm a huge fan of Fillion's from Firefly and other things. So, it was a good film compromise.

The story is about a young waitress/pie-maker (Russell) who is trapped in her marriage. As the film opens, she discovers that she is pregnant as well. Unhappy about it all, she visits her local OBGYN only to find that the regular doctor is now semi-retired and a new, male doctor (Fillion) is now filling in. This doctor is everything her arrogant, self-centered, abusive husband is not. The young woman is biding her time, and hiding her tip money, until she can get out of town and go to the national pie-baking festival (where her inventive recipes have a good chance to win). Griffith plays the old and quirky owner of the restaurant that the waitress works at.

While a good film, it is still very much a woman-empowerment film. The young waitress struggles to find an escape from her life and to avoid getting into an equally confusing situation with the doctor. In the end, she finds the right path for her to take.

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