Thursday, June 5, 2008

Comics of the Week (6/4/08)

Justice League Unlimited #46 - the final issue of the comic based on the animated series that Cartoon Network stopped showing a few years back. Sad to see it go, but it has been kind of disappointing the last few months anyway. Take this issue - it is really a Green Lantern Corps tale, not a JLU tale. Sad when the final issue of your book can't even star the stars. Ah well. That's another $2.25 a month I won't be spending any more.

the All-New Atom #24 - second to last issue. Was going to drop this early, but the cover with Lady Chronos intrigued me. Sort of a good issue and the last page is a nice surprise, but how much farther can this go with one more issue next month? I'll get it just to have the complete run, then I'll be saving another $2.99 a month. I see a trend here.

Justice Society of America #16 - wow, another issue already! They're trying to catch up, which is good. "One World Under Gog" begins this issue and it is a good one. What happens when a god comes to Earth and wants to spread peace and healing? The JSA finds out. A very good issue.

Trinity #1 - this new weekly series has a lot of pluses. First, the stars - Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. We're talking the big hitters. Second, the reunited team of Busiek and Bagley, whose work over on Marvel's Thunderbolts I had loved for years. Third, there is also going to be a back-up feature with other stars that ties into the main arc. This first issue was a nice start - so hopefully this year-long mini will be more in line with 52 rather than Countdown. Know all that money I was saving? Here is goes - into another weekly. Then again, this isn't so much of a budget hit as I've done the weekly series now for two years already.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I picked up Trinity - mainly because there was only one oher comic in the store that I was buying and even that one was kind of, well, dull.

Interesting start to the series, I'm almost willing to pick it up... but I think I'll pass. It's pretty good, but a weekly comic again, after they screwed up with Countdown? No thanks.

I will pick up Final Crisis, the main book, however. Six, seven issues? Grant Morrison? Promised cool? I sure hope so...

Martin Maenza said...

KC, I didn't like how Countdown ended up, but I have faith in Trinity's creative team to give them a shot. Plus, I do have a soft spot for weekly books.

As for Final Crisis, there are some tie-ins you might want to get too. Final Crisis: Last Will and Final Crisis: Rogues' Revenge both look promising.