Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kung Fu Panda (2008)

The family sat down for an hour and a half yesterday afternoon to watch last year's animated film from Dreamworks - Kung Fu Panda. It is the story of Po, an out-of-shape panda who works in his father's noodle shop but longs to be a kung fu master like his idols the Furious Five (no, not the 80's group lead by Grandmaster Flash...). When he stumbles into the ceremony for chosing the Dragonmaster, his whole world changes.

The film was pleasant enough. Good kids fare with a lot of action and solid characters. The animation is amazing and the voice work fits (Jack Black isn't nearly over the top as Po as I thought he might be). The film has a great life lesson too without being too preachy. All in all, enjoyable.

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KC Ryan said...

Saw it in the theater with a bunch of kids - loved it! Which kind of surprised me, you know?
But Jack black did a fine job, and it was just kung-fooey-crazy enough to get me in a great mood.
TV series coming soon to Nick, BTW...