Friday, June 19, 2009

DVD review - Angel season 2 episodes 16 and 17

Continuing my viewing and reviewing of Angel season 2...catching up after two Buffy episodes.

*** SPOILERS ***

A2-16: Epiphany (written by Tim Minear, airdate 2/27/01)

While the opening scene is meant to evoke deja vu from an early Buffy episode (after Buffy and Angel slept together), this time Angel's soul remains intact. It is time to turn the corner, go from the moment of clarity and move on. But he has amends to make first. Like saving Kate from killing herself, and then saving his former employees from the three-eyed demon spawn that killed the Sharp family. I really love how it takes a bit for Wesley and Gunn to come around - and how Cordelia still holds a grudge. It shows that it isn't going back to the status quo of things. That's good. Change is good. Oh, and Lindsey touches back to his roots - going all redneck crazy with the pick-up truck and the sledgehammer. Luckily Angel is made of much sturdier stuff. Too bad the same can't be said for Lindsey's replacement right hand.

A2-17: Disharmony (written by David Fury, airdate 4/17/01)

Angel does indeed realize atonement is a bitch as he has to get coffee for the others (he did say he wanted to work for them). But Cordelia is still hurt. What can make her feel better? How about a visit from an old high school friend - Harmony? Yeah, where our favorite ditzy blonde vamp shows up chaos is sure to follow. Loved the scene where Cordelia mistakes Harmony for a lesbian, then gets it straightened out by Willow, and then Cordy steps in it about "lesbos" with her old Scooby friend. Awkward. Love the touches of Harmony getting on everyone's nerves (gum snapping, defacing old books, ruining computers, talking blood sensations). Oh, best line comes from Lorne (the Host) - "your friend should reconsider harmony" - bwahahaha. The "Tony Roberts" wannabe vamp and his sect - too funny too. "Turn two - the rest for food" - would make a great T-shirt. Harmony tries to help but, in usual fashion, she is easily swayed and sets the gang up for a trap. Good thing they fight well together. Cordy has to make a decision about killing Harmony and instead decides to give her a chance, as long as she leaves LA. In the end, Angel helps Cordy heal their friendship by doing the only thing he hasn't tried yet - buying her new clothes to replace the ones he gave away to Anne's shelter. There's the shallow Cordy we all know and love - forgive and forget when there is a new wardrobe involved.

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