Friday, June 19, 2009

DVD review - Buffy season 5/Angel season 2 episodes 15

Continuing my viewing and reviewing of Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 5 and Angel season 2...

*** SPOILERS ***

B5-15: I Was Made to Love You (written by Jane Espenson, airdate 2/20/01)

First, gotta love puffy Xander (he gets beat up by a frustrated Buffy and then still dispenses great advice and hope). Then April, the robot girl, shows up at a party looking for Warren, her creator. She pretty much has no one fooled when she throws Spike through a window and then tosses Buffy as if she's a doll too. The Scoobies can sure spot a robot when they see one. If that wasn't entertaining enough, we get to hear about Giles' adventures in babysitting (that could have been a whole episode on its own) and then watch Joyce tease Buffy about leaving her bra in her date's car (see, Mom's can tease too, girls). Poor Xander realizes that the group is woefully lacking in male participants as none of the girls can appreciate a guy's position over building himself a sex-bot. Of course, Warren is pretty much a slime for building April, playing with her for a bit, then leaving her behind in his dorm room when a real girl gives him attention. Go figure. After a good fight, Buffy has a surreal conversation with April - about boyfriends and the need to be needed and that there is always hope, that is until April's batteries run out. Final scenes set up big events - Glory realizes Ben (i.e. her other half) tried to set up a date with Buffy, Spike hits up Warren to build him a Buffy-bot, and Buffy comes home to find Joyce dead on the couch! I'm sure this last one rocked fandom back in 2001. I'm still reeling.

A2-15: Reprise (written by Tim Minear, airdate 2/20/01)

Reprise - a return to the original theme. That's kind of what this episode did, sort of. Angel is still on his vendetta against Wolfram and Hart, but he isn't getting a lot of help. The Host only gives him bits and pieces. He has to take a book from Wesley to seek answers he needs. Lindsey hides Darla but she's in fact faking her state to spy on what the 75th anniversary review is all about. Virginia breaks up with Wesley because she can't handle the reality aspects - like gun shots. The Sharps welch on paying for the removal of the girl's eyeball (from last episode) but then they set up Cordelia to arrive when a demon is there. Kate is fired from the force and is attempting to kill herself with alcohol and pills. Angel succeeds in getting the ring from the "senior partner" only to take a trip (via an elevator going down) with dead Holland Manners to nowhere. In short, evil is everywhere - always has been, always will be. Angel doesn't seem to care any more - so much so that he'll sleep with Darla if it just makes it all go away. But does it? Does it? And here I thought that night's Buffy ended with a shocker. Man, do Jane and Tim know how to serve up a double-header or what?

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