Saturday, June 27, 2009

DVD review - Angel season 3 / Buffy season 6 episode 5

Continuing my viewing and reviewing of Angel season 3 and Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 6...

*** SPOILERS ***

A3-5: Fredless (written by Mere Smith, airdate 10/22/01)

First, how funny was it to see Cordelia and Wesley act out the meeting between Buffy and Angel. I know neither show referenced this - and I believe there was an online comic called "Reunion", written by Jane Espenson, that also touched on this. Cordy and Wes were so good in their roles. Of course, the real focus of this episode is Fred and how she reacts when her parents roll into town from Texas. I enjoyed the scenes with Lorne at Caritas - the place is still a wreck and Lorne clearly is still mad at Gunn for what his former gang did. The monsters this time were very cool - very nasty. Loved when Angel came in with the demon head and later when Gunn handled said head. The end was cool too - and "Fredless" rhymes with "headless". Nice word play. In the end, I'm glad she decided to stay with the gang. She really does add something to the mix of the team, and they all seem to care quite a bit about her.

B6-3: Life Serial (written by David Fury and Jane Espenson, airdate 10/23/01)

First, the title reminds me of "Life cereal" (he likes it - hey, Mikey!). Doesn't mean anything though. Loved Willow's line "I'm a breast girl - but I guess you already knew that". Lesbian humor. So, the Trio decides to test the Slayer using each of their skills in a competition of sorts. Warren uses technology and gives us a couple Logan's Run shout-outs too boot. Nice. That time-jump chip was pretty serious stuff if he can get the tell-tale buzzing resolved. Andrew's pan pipes turn Buffy's good day on Xander's construction site into a melty mess. And, seriously Buffy, what guy is going to admit he was cowering the corner? Especially when you've shown you can lift steel girders better than most of them. Jonathan's magic skills seem pretty challenging - that looping until she satisfied the customer had Buffy most definitely befuddled. Another great bit was Buffy doing shots with Spike and then commenting on the poker game (where kitties are used in the kitty - bwahahaha). The Trio's full on geeking and debate over Bond nearly got them busted, that is until they make an escape. Best line: "Jonathan, grab your magic bone". Bwahahaha. The end was touching with Giles helping Buffy out with a loan - though when she says he'll always be there for her does he start to realize that maybe his goodwill gesture might have been more harm than help. Hmmmm....

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