Monday, June 8, 2009

DVD review - Buffy season 5/Angel season 2 episodes 5

Continuing my viewing and reviewing of Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 5 and Angel season 2...

*** SPOILERS ***

B5-5: No Place Like Home (written by Douglas Petrie, airdate 10/24/00)

I really loved some of the smaller things in this episode. First, Spike actually waiting around for quite awhile outside of Buffy's house just so he could "be passing by". Then he acts like it isn't on purpose, but we all know it is. It reminded me so much of junior high crushes and things boys would do to catch of a glimpse of a girl they liked (hey, I remember doing this). Next, with the opening of the Magic Box, Giles quickly realizes that retail is a lot of work. But, he has a savior of sorts in that Anya seems to be a whiz at it (pricing, ordering, gift wrapping - okay, her customer service after the order is done leads a little to be desired of...). It just gives us another aspect of the character we never would have expected. (Okay, Giles' opening day costume was a bit over the top but fun - too bad Buffy poo-pooed on it.) Of course, the true meat of the episode falls on Joyce's still unexplained ailment as well as who or what Dawn is. Buffy's investigation helps her find out that Dawn isn't some evil but instead something she needs to protect and keep safe. She's the "key" that new bad-girl Glory is after. And Glory doesn't seem like someone that will be easy to dispatch. So, Buffy has to keep things on the hush (for now) and try to be a better "older sister" to whatever Dawn is.

A2-5: Dear Boy (written by David Greenwalt, airdate 10/24/00)

This show is picking up the steam nicely. This episode had it all. We get some flashbacks with Drusilla too (nice!). We get a return visit to the karoake bar (always fun to see David sing badly). We get Wolfram and Hart up to their manipulating best, and that includes using Kate as an unwitting pawn in their set up (so glad she was never a romantic interest material). We have Gunn finding out about Angel's past (love his reaction to it). We have Wesley and Cordelia playing off each other as they always do (I think it is fall-out from their lack of sexual energy for one another). And then, we have Darla - delicious, devious and now oh so human Darla with a soul. Will she feel the torment that Angel predicts she will? I don't think so. This woman is unique, and she knows what she wants. She wants her man back, her wicked and wild man. Angel is going to have his hands full. He certainly did hurt her though with the "you never made me happy" bit. Oh, and another great line from this one: when Lindsey says "we should have our own series". LOL. That would be a very different kind of law drama to be sure.


Michael O'Connell said...

ANGEL (still behind on Buffy): Oh, yeah!! Man, the choice to bring Darla into this show was perfect. The chemistry between the two is amazing, and she's a perfect reminder of all that he's trying to put behind him, but can't. Devilishly good manipulation of our hero, making everyone doubt him - himself included. If you're like me, you probably, too, picked up on the "wasn't invited in" thing right away, well before Gunn. Loved how Angel knew her well enough to know if he "pushed" her in just the right away, she'd drop the act. Eee-eee-vil WOMan! Yes, will that soul weigh on her? Guess we'll have to see. Great Dru appearance! Loved getting to see how they DROVE her nuts. And yeah, I loved Gunn's reaction to Angel's dark side, too (he goes evil?!). Also of note - nice realistic Gunn reaction to cops. At least Angel's dream things seem to be over. What's next for him, though? Hmmm. Wolfram & Hart are sure to have something up their sleeves.

Oh, and great opening, too. Loved the fight against the in-thrall minions. That set really made me think of the under-the-mountain scene in Fellowship of the Ring...

Martin said...

Darla was too good a character to keep dead. She was there from the very beginning on Buffy, and she works outstanding here. It keeps it all coming back around - plus through her we get all these great flashbacks into Angel's past. Oh, and I am hoping for a present day Dru appearance too on this series at some point. That would be great!