Friday, June 12, 2009

Comics of the Week (6/10/09)

Booster Gold #21 - Dan Jurgens is back after the fill-in last time with a new arc involving the recent death of Batman. A trip to the Batcave to retrieve some pictures leads to an encounter with the new Batman and a reason to jump into the timestream once more to do what he does best - fix temporal issues. The new second feature begins this issue with the Blue Beetle (who recently lost his title). This should be a good fit - I liked the art on this.

the Flash Rebirth #3 - another solid issue as the return of Barry Allen is explored. The art is great, the story is engaging and the rich DC history is present. Just what I like in a comment. I hope the creative team sticks with the title a long time when it moves from mini to regular series.

JSA vs. Kobra #1 (of 6) - ugh. I'm a regular follower of the JSA but I did not like this first issue at all. The art was fine but the story did not jazz me as much as I hoped. I'll give it another issue to decide if it stays on my pull list or goes.

REBELS #5 - there is a lot going on in this book with an every expanding cast of characters, but it works. A space epic title can usually pull of far-reaching exploits. The story line is interesting, and I am enjoying the spin they've done with Starro. Not a top tier title but still an interesting read.

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