Friday, June 5, 2009

Comics of the Week (6/3/09)

This week brought to you by the letter 'S':

Secret Six #10 - Gail begins a new multipart adventure for the team as they find themselves involved with some twisted individuals. This always makes for a fun adventure when our villains are equally matched in ruthlessness and bizarre ways by others.

Solomon Grundy #4 (of 7) - Grundy takes on the power of the mystic fire in Green Lantern Alan Scott's lamp. And if that wasn't enough, the last page just shows that next issue will be even more interesting.

Strange Adventures #4 (of 8) - the issue suffers slightly with Starlin stepping off the art chores. I hope he returns to it next issue. This new space-saga moves along at a good pace as we learn more about the Aberrant Six and who is a part of it.

Extra this week: a five page preview of Justice League: A Cry For Justice mini series that debuts on July 1st. Should prove to be interesting as Hal and his group go on the offensive.

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KC Ryan said...

They already did this going on the offensive bit - I think it was called Extreme Justice or somesuch.
Truth to tell, they should be a little more proactive, but I don't think you can just bust a bad guy for wearing a costume.

Onthe other hand, I read Captain Marvel and Batman this week - EXCELLENT! Fun, fun and more fun without worrying too much about spoily-logic.

Also read the new Astro City book and the new Knights of the Dinner Table. Good reads!