Sunday, June 28, 2009

DVD review - Angel season 3 / Buffy season 6 episode 7

Continuing my viewing and reviewing of Angel season 3 and Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 6...

*** SPOILERS ***

A3-7: Offspring (written by David Greenwalt, airdate 11/5/01)

Once more, we get a related flashback - this time with Holt torturing Angel until Darla comes to the rescue. In modern times, Darla ends up in LA as pregnant as can be. This seems to put a kink in the growing connections between Angel and Cordelia (heck, even Fred can see it - but then again, she is brilliant in an odd way so she tends to see patterns and flows of things). Cordy is upset at what Angel has done to Darla - having been pregnant herself (albeit by a demon). They all end up at Caritas - where we get another appearance by the Furies (gotta love them). Cordy luckily snaps out of her anger at Angel when Darla attacks her and he, once more, comes to her rescue. Angel finds Darla and stops her, owning up to the fact that this child (which has a heartbeat and thus a soul) is his responsibility. But all could be wrong about the prophecy - is it the coming of the child or the return of Holt of which it speaks? Looks like things have gotten a bit more complicated.

B6-7: Once More, With Feeling (written by Joss Whedon, airdate 11/6/01)

Ah ha - the musical episode. This one clearly must have been fun for everyone involved (except Allyson who does not appear to sing much). This one was fun in that it did two things: first it moved along the plots by exposing everyone's deep-seated secrets - Spike's love for Buffy, Giles' concern of standing in Buffy's way to growing up, Willow's use of magic on Tara to forget the fight, Xander and Anya's concerns/fears about marriage, and Dawn's stealing; and then second, why not do it in a genre never done before - a musical. Loved the numbers, especially Anya's rocking out about "Bunnies". And, wow, can Amber and Emma sing! (we already knew Anthony could and I had an inkling about James) I enjoyed this one a lot - definitely instantly in my Top 5 Buffy episodes easy. Is it number 1? Sorry, I still have to give that one to "Hush" right now. But, if I do go back and review them again after the entire first viewing run is done, I might reconsider...maybe...

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