Friday, June 26, 2009

Comics of the Week (6/24/09)

Batman: the Brave and the Bold #6 - a fun little team up with Kid Eternity. A nice introduction for the character for kid readers who are unfamiliar with him. I like how the comic is giving us some team-ups we have yet to see on the cartoon.

Green Lantern #42 - the art on this issue looked severely rushed. I know the book tends to ship late (i.e. not monthly) and it is key to setting up the big summer crossover, so I am guessing that's why it was what it was. Bring on the Blackest Night.

Justice League of America #34 - the all-ethnic League manages to bring down Starbreaker, with a little more help from Hardware and Icon. I understand that McDuffie will be moving on from the book soon, so it is likely we'll stop seeing the Milestone characters so heavily in the League's book.

Justice Society of America #28 - again, Ordway doing the double-chores of writer and artist again took me back to the days of All-Star Squadron. Even the villain, Kung, is from that era. The arc concludes here - just in time for a new creative team to come on board full time. I'll be sad to see Ordway go. Something about his art just brings back those old days of Earth-2 for me.

Teen Titans #72 - I continue to enjoy this book month after month. We have most of the team acting like teens would out of costume. We have Wonder Girl showing why she's got the stuff to lead this team. And the new Ravager back-up series has an interesting start here. I'm starting to like these second features added to the books - even if I have to pay an extra $1 for them. Reminds me of the old days when books had back-up features regularly.

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KC Ryan said...

I love Ordway as much as the next guy, but he keeps messing up on the facial expressions... sometimes he can't draw them for a damn.
Wait, didn't Wonder Girl get the sh!t kicked out of her this issue? How is tht showing leadership, may I ask?
Static is a good addition to this bunch, though.
And I LIKED the all-ethnic League! Static, Hardware and Icon were some of my favorite books, and especially Hardware is showing why!