Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Savage Place

In 1981, Robert B. Parker published A Savage Place, the eighth novel in his Spenser series. After the last one's slower pace, this one was much more action and drama - enough so that this was even adapted as a movie as part of the Spenser For Hire television series.

In this one, Spenser is called by Rachel Wallace to ask Spenser if he'll serve as a bodyguard again, this time for someone she knows. He agrees and soon he is on his way out to Los Angeles to help protect Candy Sloan, a news reporter trying to uncover corruption in the movie industry. Before it is over, many are dead and Spenser goes to an extreme to resove the case!

I liked the continuity connections to the sixth novel - this continues to show the interconnected aspects of the Spenser universe. I also found it interesting to see Spenser out of his usual stomping grounds of Boston and its neighboring communities.

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