Saturday, March 8, 2008

Comics of the Week part 1 (3/5/08)

Two posts this week (because I had two books I felt were worth spotlighting):

Countdown to Final Crisis #8 - After last week's issue ended with a bang, literally, this week was more like a whimper. March definitely came in like a lamb thanks to this issue. We basically get 20+ pages of the heroes debating what to do next. Seriously. Atom think maybe Karate Kid needs to die for the greater good. Jason is ready to off-him right there. Jimmy wants to confront Darkseid. The last Monitor thinks they should kill Jimmy. Jason is ready to off Jimmy too. Una's crying of her comrade who is bleeding to death, but no one listens. Too much talking! And if my head wasn't throbbing enough, we get reverse origin pages for Bizarro in the back. Me am so happy.

Countown to Adventure #7 - thank the stars this mini ends in one more issue as it is draaaaaaaaagggggggggginnnnng on. I'm bored, people.

Book of (last) week: Action Comics #862. Last week I was mad when my shop appeared to be sold out of this issue and I didn't have one pulled for me. Turns out, this was a title they got shorted in the order and they had plenty this week. Wooohooo! Part 5 of the Legion tale, and it's time for the Subs. I've always enjoyed the Legion of Substitute Heroes - the rejects who kept on keeping on despite the odds. And seeing them take on the rejects-turned-evil in this issue was a great spotlight. I'd so love it if Geoff Johns could write a Legion title full-time - I would be on it so fast. One more issue left to go, and it looks like Superman will finally be able to kick Earth-Man's tail!

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