Saturday, March 8, 2008

Comics of the Week part 2 (3/5/08)

Round two for this week's books:

the All-New Atom #21 - well, the new creative team came on board - Rick Remender on writing and Pat Olliffe on art. And I know the Atom is very much a hero of science and all, but this issue bordered on boring me to tears. More than half the book, 14 pages, are spent with internal monologue as Ryan prepares for and then traverses into one of his own blood cells. That was waaaaaay too much time spent on that. I can tell Remender was trying to show he researched the science angle and all but come on. If I wanted to learn this stuff I would read a medical text. I hope they get better or I'll be dropping this book within six months.

Justice League Unlimited #43 - we get a Blue Beetle/Booster Gold tale written by Keith Giffen. What's not to love? And the Demolition Team as villains? Even cooler (I always liked those guys - wrote them in a fanfiction tale I did many years back). Not as bwahahaha funny as Keith used to be during his JLA run back in the late 80's but still a fun issue.

Book of the week - Green Lantern #28. Once more, Geoff Johns keeps the epic going with the trial Laira. While one chapter of her life ends, by the end of the book another begins. And it looks like this will be one big comeback! I enjoyed the moments with Hal Jordan and Sinestro. Has that whole Silence of the Lambs vibe going on. This book is clearly setting a bar for other titles to follow in month after month quality.

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