Wednesday, March 26, 2008

American Idol 2008 - Top 10 Performances

This week was "sing a song from your birth year" for the top 10 contestants. What it did was make me realize that I graduated from college before many of these contestants were even born! Yipes. As for the performances themselves, they weren't horrid and a few stood out as above the rest. The odd thing for me this season is folks are all over the map from one week to the next (for me). One week someone is in the top, next near the bottom. Crazy!

Two who remain consistent at the top for me: David Cook and Brooke White. Clearly my favorite two of the night. Michael Johns comes next - while not as good a voice as Freddie Mercury (who has? Freddie was one-of-a-kind!) it was good.

Everyone else falls into the middle of the pack. Some were better: Syesha and Chikezie. Some were just so-so: Jason and David Archuleta. And some not so much: Carly, Ramiele and Kristy Lee. Those last three are my bottom three this week.

Who is going home? Hard to say. America can be interesting voters.

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