Friday, March 28, 2008

Comics of the Week (3/26/08)

countdown to Adventure #8 - finally this mini series is over, and it goes out on a whimper and not a bang. The lead tale (with Adam Strange, Starfire and Animal Man) drug out waaaay to long and the backup feature (with Forerunner) seemed to go all over the place. I'm sorry I wasted the money all these months.

Countdown to Final Crisis #5 - the second week of narrative by Buddy Blank as we see the Great Disaster destroy his earth. In the end, we get what we expect - the world where Kamandi exists in tact. Kind of boring and predictable. Four issues left to try and pull this weekly series together. Let's see what they do.

Teen Titans Go! #53 - two more short stories this time out. The lead one is a Doom Patrol flashback where Beast Boy and Mento do the old brain-switch. Yawn. On the flip side, loved the Kid Flash and Jinx tale - where they meet some sibling villains who are a little familiar. Kind of fun. And Todd Nauck's artwork is always a joy.

Green Lantern #29 - the beginning of a "Secret Origin" arc. This is all about Hal prior to his becoming a GL, with vignettes from through out his early life. It builds upon the stuff Geoff Johns has been establishing in the series so far. I did not like that he met Carol Ferris as a kid, nor that he met John Stewart early on too. It makes all the rest of the history we know seem like...I don't know...just too convenient.

Book of the week - Teen Titans #57 - yes, this surprised me too. An issue with Ravager defending the Titans Tower, her way, actually was pretty cool. We got to see more of the villains involved, and they interested me. We got to see some more of Wendy and Marvin, who I love how they get used in this book. Tht title is actually picking up for me again and that's cool. More issues like this, please.

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