Wednesday, March 5, 2008

American Idol 2008 - week 3 Gals' Performances

Ladies sing the 80's tonight - and they were pretty decent all in all. Here's my rundown of best to worst (in my eyes and ears):

1) Ramiele Malubay - still solid at the top with a nice Phil Collin's performance.
2) Brooke White - number two two weeks in a row with an acoustic Pat Benetar tune I love.
3) Carly Smithson - again at number three with a decent rocker of a Cyndi Lauper tune, though I prefer Cyndi's version overall.
4) Syesha Mercado - the better of the two Whitney Houston songs tonight.
5) Amanda Overmeyer - I know I'll hear it for this one, but I think her voice works well on this Joan Jett rocker.
6) Asia'h Epperson - the second Whitney tune, and not nearly as solid.
7) Kristy Lee Cook - an okay but forgetable performance (what did she sing again?).
8) Kady Malloy - lacking the emotion (as Simon put it). She's just bland.

We'll see tomorrow night who goes home and who makes it to the final 12.

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