Thursday, March 20, 2008

American Idol 2008 - Top 11 Results

The medley this week was kind of trippy with the camera angles and spinning. I guess it went well with the Beatles songs chosen for it.

Loved the Ford video and the behind-the-scenes glimpse. It's nice to see the contestants just having fun.

I was two for three in getting the bottom three. I had Kristy Lee and Amanda. I was surprised to see Carly there. She actually seemed to think she might be going home. I think the producers dumped her there as a wake-up call to bring her A-game every week to survive.

Amanda seemed thoroughly relieved to be going home this week. I think she was feeling that she wasn't up to all the chaos that is the Idol-machine. She'll more likely be happier performing for some larger crowds in the bars back home after having a little exposure on Idol. I wish her the best.

As for the mentors this season, it's a mixed bag. I'm okay with Dolly Parton (country night) and Neil Diamond (who doesn't love some Neil Diamond?). Mariah Carey I could care less about - way to cash in favors, Randy. And Andrew Lloyd Weber certainly signals Broadway night. That should be an interesting thing to watch.

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