Sunday, March 9, 2008

Justice League: the New Frontier DVD

I happened to be at Best Buy yesterday afternoon, after a nice lunch of wings with my son at Buffalo Wild Wings. My son was looking for a video game to buy so I checked out the new DVD releases. There, on the shelf, was the two disc special edition of Justice League: the New Frontier - complete with special edition collectible Green Lantern figure. The price was right so I picked it up to add to my animated DVD collection.

Now, I did read the comic book this film was adapted from but I heard a lot of nice things about it. It is a take on the origin of the Justice League set in the 1950's and tying in with real world events like the Korean War, the scare of Communism, etc. My son and I sat down and watched the film when we got home and I enjoyed it pretty well.

I liked the focus on Hal Jordan (voiced by David Boreanaz) as he begins to work for Carol Ferris (voiced by Brokke Shields) and learns the true purpose of Ferris Aircraft. I liked Barry Allen/Flash (voiced by Neil Patrick Harris) when he was working solo - like against Captain Cold - but not so much when he had the inferiority complex around the others. I never felt Barry Allen felt himself inferior to anyone.

Some of the special features on the two-disk set were pretty cool too. Disk one had along with the movie a comprehensive history of the Justice League, with a lot of cool industry pros giving commentary. It was nice to see these folks - to put faces with writers' names. Heck, they even mentioned the Detroit years (yes, I liked the Detroit years - for what it was worth). Disk two had a documentary on various DC villains that was also enjoyable. It also included three bonus Justice League animated episodes - which I have on the other DVD sets.

All in all, a nice package for the price.


Jim McClain said...

I'll never forget (or forgive) that fateful line when the Justice League was based in Detroit: "On the shores of Lake Michigan..."

KC Ryan said...

Well, Detroit's in Michigan, so...

Uh, half-credit? :)