Saturday, March 1, 2008

Comics of the Week (2/27/08)

JSA Classified #35 - this spotlight book begins its final arc before cancellation with this issue - a three part story starring Wildcat. Now, I've always been a fan of this rough and tumble boxer turned hero, but this issue just didn't get me excited. I'm thinking of dropping the title now and saving myself a few bucks.

Teen Titans Go! #52 - another fun issue, even if I figured out what was going on before half the issue was over. Todd Nauck did not do the art this time around but it was still pretty good. This title too is slated for cancellation in a few months, but I will stick with it until the end.

Teen Titans #56 - more a focus issue on Kid Devil as he finds himself in deep trouble with the team. I am interested in the villains introduced at the end of the tale. I want to learn more.

Justice Society of America #13 - another stunning Alex Ross cover that pays homage a bit to a classic JLA cover from the 80's. The art inside was a little uneven in spots, but the story seems to be building. Someone is hunting down metahumans pretending to be gods - no, this is not connected to Death of the New Gods, at least I don't believe so.

Book of the week - Countdown to Final Crisis #9. This issue had tons of action, a little bit more of the puzzle pieces coming together and an ending that has to be seen to believe. The artwork in the issue worked very well for me. With two months left to go on this weekly mini-series, I hope they don't let up on the pace. We need a big finish to this story.


Michael O. said...

Hey, for once I MAY have some music trivia that you're not aware of ( are Martin, after all). Do you have any idea what song Piper was playing at the finish? The first lines took a moment to sink in with me, then I realized it. That's "Show Must Go On", the final track on the final Queen album, "Innuendo". That was the one they were making when Freddy Mercury knew he was dying of AIDS. This was his last work. And if you don't know the song, you need to download it, my friend, and play it, and read that final scene again. It'll mean a whole lot more to you. Trust me.

Martin said...

Mike, I need to find that Queen track - it's not on my Greatest Hits set. Cool. Nice tie-in with Piper and Freddy.