Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Early Autumn

Early Autumn is the seventh book in Robert B. Parker's Spenser series, published in 1981. This time, the Boston private investigator is hired by a woman to get her fifteen year old son back from her ex-husband. But Spenser finds this isn't a simple custody situation - there is a major tug-of-war going on between the ex-spouses and the kid is caught in the middle. In trying to protect the kid, Spenser puts his own life in jeopardy.

I liked how we got to learn more about Spenser's past as he attempts to help Paul grow up a bit and be more independent and self-assertive. I also liked how once more Susan and Hawk play nice supporting roles in the book. While the middle section of the book drags a bit, the pace picks up again nicely in the last third as Spenser does a little less mentoring and a bit more detecting.

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