Sunday, September 30, 2007

Comic of the Week (9/26/07)

What can I say - I sometimes like to route for the villains. After all, I spent a number of years writing an ongoing series starring super-villains as part of the DC Comics Fanfiction club I was in. So, when an issue like Justice League of America #13 comes along, you know I'm going to love it.

First of all, check out the two part cover image (issues come with one half or the other) by Ian Churchill. (click on the picture below to see it full sized) How awesome is that! Even if only some of the villains shown appear in the story, that is one awesome assembly of evil!

Next up, the story itself. Dwayne McDuffie kicks off his run as the new writer on the title by picking up the reigns left by Brad Meltzer and running with them nicely. The transition between writers is not jarring at all. Dwayne keeps all the character bits Brad served us up while kicking up the action level all the way to eleven.

There is also nice focus on some key JLA members. Batman struts his stuff in the beginning pages. Green Lantern (John Stewart) shows us how to efficiently mow down some villains single-ring-handedly. Black Canary kicks some major butt effectively. And Black Lightning is shown as well earning his spot in the League after all these years.

I can't wait for next issue to see what Luthor has up his armored sleeve. And that's what a good comic should do - make we want more.

Other good reading for the week: Teen Titans #51, Countdown #31, and Countdown to Adventure #2.

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