Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Premiere Week Round-Up

With a week's worth of Fall Season network programming debuts behind me, I thought I'd add a few words about the new season so far and the shows I'm viewing.

9/19 - Watched the Back To You pilot (FOX), which I blogged about last week. A funny show that'll get some follow-up viewing in our household.

9/20 - Watched the debut of Survivor: China (CBS). This was a little different in that the contestants got a taste of the culture first before being broken up and sent down the rivers to their campsites. The mix of contestants is your usual ones. The interplay between them is always interesting. I enjoyed the immunity challenge with the large Chinese dragons and the obstacle course. I really wish "Chicken" had gotten to stick around longer - even if they were going to have to start subtitling him due to that thick Virginian accent. My early favorite is the grave-digger.

I watched Don't Forget the Lyrics (FOX), which I blogged about earlier in the summer. Another fun contestant and cute proposal by her boyfriend. This is a game show I'd love to go on myself. Wayne Brady is a cool host.

9/24 - Monday is my big night. DVR has to do double-duty at nine. But, first up the comedies.

The season opener for How I Met Your Mother (CBS) was good, but not great. Too many guest stars took time away from the core cast five. The show clicks better when its about those five exclusively. Their chemistry is that good. Very excited about the slap bet countdown! Great tie-in to a last season subplot.

The debut of the Big Bang Theory (CBS) was very funny. I wasn't planning to watch this but I kept the channel there and was instantly hooked. Nothing funnier than some really super-smart but socially inept guys and a gorgeous but not all there waitress. I can laugh at the former because, hey, I was a geek/nerd too (but not nearly this bad!). Bonus props for putting one of the guys in a Flash t-shirt. Loved that! Oh, and the show is from the same creator as the next show - another plus point.

Two And A Half Men (CBS) kicked off another season with their usual gusto. This is my wife and my "we're so going to Hell for watching this" show. It is so raunchy at times that we shouldn't find it funny, but we do. The chemistry of the actors is always good, and you can't go wrong when Angus' character "Jake" has a big part. This kid is so funny.

Heroes (NBC) kicked off season 2 with a good effort as well. We managed to check in a most of the cast and move the story along four months later. I love the bits with the Bennetts, especially how Claire and her father can't seem to keep a low profile despite their efforts. I loved Hiro's misadventures in China's past. I am intriqued by the brother-sister combo (I knew it was a bad idea to separate her from her brother!). I also love how the older generation is being hunted down. A solid debut.

9/25 Bones (FOX) is back - our favorite crime solving team. I love how this show is so deep in the forensics yet at the same time keeps with the quirky characters and the bizarre murder situations. The dialogue is snappy and well-delivered by cast. The season opener is presenting only the beginning of what appears to be a long-going plot line involving canablism, secret societies and lots of mystery. Very cool.

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