Saturday, September 22, 2007

Rant: It's Too Early!

Okay, so I was driving into work yesterday morning at 6:40am like I always do. I stopped at one of the traffic lights on one of the main drags in town and happened to glance over at the hardware store there on the corner. Something in their big display windows caught my eye. What was it? Decorated Christmas trees.

Yes, you read that right - decorated Christmas trees!

Here it was September 21st, more than three months before Christmas, and the store already had up a huge display of Christmas trees. What is up with that?

I know the retail trend is to push the holiday shopping earlier and earlier, but come on! This is crazy! Who is honestly thinking about decorating for Christmas in the middle of September? I can understand gift shopping early - that's a smart thing to take advantage of sales early, but decorating? No way!

In September, I want to see them pushing Halloween decorations - that's only a month away. I can even understand, barely, some Thanksgiving decorations because those tend to have a lot of the Fall themes to them (leaves changing, cornacopias, etc.). But the last thing I want to even think about in the heart of high school football time and leaves changing colors is snow, twinkling lights and tinsel.

What's next? Rudolph and Frosty specials sprinkled in with the new Fall season debut episodes? Thanks but no thanks. I'll think about decorating the day after Thanksgiving and not one day before.

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