Thursday, September 13, 2007

Failure to Celebrate

I overheard on the radio that yesterday, September 12th, was "National Video-Game Day" (I kid you not - there is a holiday for everything it seems). Honestly, I didn't have a spare moment last evening (between working late, a rushed dinner at the in-laws, then home to do a very little reading before bed) to even consider picking up a portable game system or powering up the PS2 or GameCube.

I better keep the doors locked and the shades down today. I worry that the Geek Patrol will show up and revoke my geek license. ;)


Jim McClain said...

Three words, Martin: City of Heroes! Forget your game systems, and join us online!

Martin said...

Jim, I honestly don't think I could find enough time to play COH online to justify the monthly fee. I've heard it is very cool, but I know I'd never have enough free time to play.