Sunday, September 16, 2007

Comic of the Week (9/12/07)

This was a big week for books, for me. Six floppies in total plus a black/white reprint volume. So much to chose from and a bit hard to find this week's best of the best.

Booster Gold #2 was a good follow-up to the debut issue last month. I'm still excited about the concept of a hero travelling through time, meeting various folks in those eras while he tries to prevent them from mucking up the time stream. As a huge Back To The Future fan, this book will always be fun for me.

Countdown #33 was okay; this weekly title continues to move various storylines along. Sometimes the pace is good. Other times it can appear to be slow. But, it is a weekly book so we get four/five doses a month to add it all up.

Green Lantern #23 continues the sweeping epic of "the Sinestro Corps" storyline. This one has been great, pitting huge forces of alien forces against one another in a war of good versus evil. This is definitely heating up to be one of the best storylines of the Summer and Fall.

Justice Society of America #9 was a prologue to a bigger arc coming up, thus it wasn't nearly as exciting as the book usually is. Still, it had nice character moments as the heroes do a benefit for a local fire department.

Search For Ray Palmer: Wildstorm one-shot was okay for me. I'm not a huge fan of the Wildstorm universe book line so this was really more of a sampler for me. I do like the concept of this though - a band of DC heroes (Donna Troy, Jason Todd, GL Kyle Rayner and a Monitor) hopping from Earth to Earth in the multiverse. It should offer some unique glimpses in the coming months.

But, my winner of the week has to go to the Justice League of America Wedding Special. This one-shot is a tie-in to the nuptials of Black Canary and Green Arrow, long time members of the League. This couple has been courting since I first got into comics in the early 70's, so seeing a wedding between the two finally happen is great. The characters have been through a lot but they've endured. Their wedding is a testament to all that. Plus, this issue really ties in nicely to the start of a new writer on the regular Justice League title. Dwayne McDuffie, who has written on the Justice League Unlimited cartoon, brings his talents to the comic and he's starting huge. A grouping of the DCU's biggest villains will be taking on the League, and this special shows the first strikes. Will the wedding come off as planned? We'll find out in the coming weeks.


Doug said...

I knew I shouldn't have read this blog when I saw that title--Martin, you're gonna get me buying comics again! As a fellow DC fan from the early 70s-80s, I really miss stuff like Justice Society; AND SINESTRO!

Would you recommend Booster Gold 1? BTW, are you an Astro City fan? That's the ONE title I still buy floppies of.

Jim McClain said...

What was the reprint volume, Martin?

Martin said...

Doug, I heartly recommend Booster Gold #1. Great series so far. As for Astro City, I am still getting that as well.

Martin said...

Jim, the reprint was Showcase Presents: Batman and the Outsiders volume 1.